New Microbatteries Could Offer A Lot Of Juice, 1,000 Times Faster Charging Times


One of the main concerns while using a smartphone (and why not, a tablet) these days is battery life. We’re happy when our beloved device makes it through the day so we can charge it once again overnight. However, batteries, as we know them today, might soon be replaced with new “microbatteries”, thanks to researchers at the University of Illinois.

What are microbatteries? Let the press release do the talking: “the most powerful batteries on the planet are only a few millimeters in size, yet they pack such a punch that a driver could use a cellphone powered by these batteries to jump-start a dead car battery – and then recharge the phone in the blink of an eye.”

So imagine this: a battery that is minuscule, delivers a lot of power, and can be charged in a couple of seconds (1,000 times faster than competing technologies, to be specific). How’s that for a battery powering your next smartphone?

Read more about this project by following the source link below!

Source: University of Illinois

Via: BGR


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