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More Nokia Lumia 810 Colors

by Adam Z. Lein on

Since my primary mobile account is on T-Mobile, I bought the Nokia Lumia 810 shortly after it first came out last year.  Initially it was only available in black, but it was announced that black and cyan wireless charging shells would be available.  It took months for me to find a cyan wireless charging shell even with an eBay live-tile on my home screen giving me quick shortcuts to searches every day.  I never really expected to see any other color options for the Lumia 810 until recently Nokia posted a photo on their Facebook page which happened to include a Lumia 810 with a red wireless charging shell.  The comments in that post consisted of fans asking where they could find that red shell.

Well, as luck would have it, I ran into the elusive red Lumia 810 charging shell last night and quickly asked the Nokia representative at the exhibit booth how many of those they would sell me.  They weren’t even aware of how difficult it was to find shells for the Lumia 810.  Anyway, I went home with a few rare new color options for the Lumia 810.  You still can’t buy them and there’s no telling when or where they might be available, but they do exist!  In the meantime, you can look at some pictures.

_AZL1994 _AZL2007 _AZL2009 _AZL2010 _AZL2012

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