CyanogenMod Nightlies Get Pie Controls Baked In (Video)

Google’s Android OS has morphed and adapted in the years since it was originally released. Some of those changes have been “under the hood”, while others have been more cosmetic in nature. We suspect the next version of Android, Key Lime Pie, will include some pretty significant UI changes. Could some of those changes be “pie-esque”?

We’ve recently talked about the possibility of a gesture-based UI in the upcoming version of the operating system. We’ve even shown off a pie-like launcher that you can install on your Android today. Various custom ROMs have pie-based launchers and controls baked into them, but only recently did my favorite custom ROM — CyanogenMod — get this feature.

Before you jump into the comments and complain that Cyanogen 10.1 Nightlies have had Pie Controls in them for “weeks now”, you’re right. Why the delay? The new pie controls didn’t work so well when they were first released. (Frankly, they haven’t improved much.) Before we showed you how to turn on and use this new feature in CyanogenMod, we wanted to give the CyanogenMod team an opportunity to fix some of the problems.

How do you go about getting Pie Controls on your device? You’ve got to be running a recent version of CM 10.1 Nightly, have expanded desktop enabled, then simply turn on Pie Controls. Press play and we’ll show you how it’s done.

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