Why Are My Friends Abandoning iOS for Android?


I’m “Joe the Android Guy™”, not just on Pocketnow, but to my friends and family as well. Under my roof, we’re an Android household. My wife and two oldest kids use the Galaxy Nexus (the kids are stuck on WiFi, so they’re not that spoiled), my wife has a Motorola XOOM, my middle child uses a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 (when he’s not grounded from it), and I have a Nexus 4 and Nexus 7.

My extended family, however, have a combination of “dumb phones” and iOS devices — only a few use Android. Those using “dumb phones” are happy to make and receive phone calls and text messages. They don’t need anything else. They don’t want anything else. A few of them carry around an iPod Touch with them for gaming and use whenever they’re under a WiFi bubble. The rest? They all have an iPhone of some variety — 4, 4S, or 5. They’re happy with them. Well, they were happy with them.

They know I’m an Android guy, so they try and one-up me at family gatherings. “My phone can do this! Can yours?” I calmly reply that it can, and does it faster and easier than theirs. We even had a Siri vs. Google Now competition recently. Spoiler alert: Google Now blew Siri away — every time. They were impressed — but not enough to throw their iPhones into the trash.

Recently, however, some interesting changes have begun to occur.

The Exodus

My sister, fed up with her Android (a low-powered, “free” phone provided by her carrier) decided to jump ship. She blamed Android for the shortcomings of her cheap (and inexpensive) Android-powered smartphone. Instead of switching to the Galaxy S III she switched to the Sprint version of the iPhone 4S. The first week she had her new phone she was excited. She’d joined the masses who don’t care about choice or freedom — and she loved it!

Then she started realizing the limitations of her newly chosen platform. Tasks, she said, were harder to accomplish. Apps available on Android either weren’t available for iOS, or were missing key features or functionality. Widgets: there are none. That was one of her first questions: how do I put widgets on this? Hint: you can’t. Ultimately, she conceded that if she could do it over again, she’d have stayed with Android. When she’s eligible for an upgrade again (in eleven more months), she says she’s switching back.

Co-workers at my day job have started to shed their corporate-issued iPhones for the Nexus 4. “It does everything my iPhone did, and so much more — and all I have to do is pop in my SIM and set up my corporate email information and I’m done!”

Other friends of mine are leaving their iPhones behind and turning to Android — and more often than not to the Galaxy S III or Nexus 4. Many of them ask how to make the transition easier, but most are interested in what apps I run, and why. They’ve decided on their own to make the exodus.

Many friends and family are still using their iDevices and don’t show any signs of leaving, but seeing several leave in such a short period has been surprising.

What about you?

Have you seen friends and family leaving iOS for Android recently? We’d love to hear your stories!

Have you recently converted to Android from another platform? What prompted the switch?

Why did you originally go with Android over your other options? Let us know in the comments!

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