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Here’s A Glimpse Of BlackBerry 10 That Runs On iOS and Android

by Jaime Rivera on

BlackBerry is definitely doing all they can to land new customers for their BlackBerry Z10. Obviously their launch is still in diapers on every other carrier in the US, so it makes sense for the company to figure out new and creative ways to get you to try what the BlackBerry 10 OS is all about, if you’re still thinking about making the switch.

Their temporary solution is to give you a quick glimpse of what BlackBerry 10 is all about, without forcing you to go to a store to try it out. The way this works is that if you visit and then hit “try it” from your iOS or Android browser, you’ll be taken to a BlackBerry 10 demo. This is not an emulator; as you can’t really do whatever you want, just merely follow the instructions to see what BlackBerry wants you to see about their new OS.

Surely not the perfect solution for many, but it works quite well if you give it a try. It’s hard for the sequel of any movie to be better than the first one, but so far, BlackBerry 10 has proven to be better than its predecessor in every way. It’s just time for it to prove that it can be better than everybody else.

Via: Engadget

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