OEMs, Why Can’t Any Of You Figure Out Battery Life?


Dear OEMs, we, your loyal customers, have been patient long enough. You’ve given us some really great smartphones and tablets over the years. Your designs are becoming more practical with every iteration, without shedding their aesthetic beauty. We appreciate that, and thank you.

Your batteries, however, have got to change.

We recognize that your devices are getting faster and thinner, but we can’t use them as long as we should be able to. Face it, a smartphone that only lets you use it for 4 hours isn’t very “smart”. In fact, it’s pretty silly, if you ask us. Of course that’s not what your specifications say. You claim your phones will last for days — on standby. Or for dozens of hours — talk time. What about practical, everyday use? How long can we check Facebook? How many hours of Netflix can we watch? How long can we surf the web?

The “phone” part of “smartphone” is becoming less important as time goes by. The “smart” part is becoming more important. We don’t really care how much standby time our phones have, or how long we can talk to a friend across the globe. What we care about is how long we can use our devices — with the screen on.

You mock us!

You recently gave us 720P HD screens. We fell in love with them. They’re big. They’re beautiful. They suck power down like a hungry piglet! And now? Now you give us 1080P full HD screens that are even bigger and require even more processing power to populate all those beautiful pixels! Yes, we wanted that! But we thought you’d have made up for those super-hungry screens with larger batteries. But you didn’t.

Instead we have to budget our device usage, or buy your accessories to charge our phones while at our desks and in our cars. We can no longer simply charge our phones over night, use them all day, then return them to the charger again while we sleep.

No more!

We commend you on the processors that you’ve managed to fit into our phones. We applaud the screen size and resolution that adorn our “mobile communicators” today. We love the speed at which you enable the vast content of the Internet to be delivered to our pockets.

Now we call upon you to address the battery issue.

No more hiding behind processor and SoC advancements that will are “30% more efficient” — which never translates into “30% more battery life”. No relying on the promise of ubiquitous recharging — even without wires. Battery technology has been sadly lagging behind every other technology on the market. Now is your turn to step up to the plate and show us that you’re up to the challenge.

We call upon you to DOUBLE the capacity of the batteries in our smartphones within the next twenty-four months. Then double it again within the two years that follow.

Be advised, however, we’re calling upon all OEMs, not just one or two, to answer our challenge. If you don’t answer the call your competitors will — and we’ll show our support for those who do with our wallets.

Impress us.

If you’d like to sign on to our open letter to OEMs about battery life, please voice your support in the comments below and share this page with your friends and family. Let your voice be heard!

Image Credit: Mathieu BOIS

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