After the Galaxy S IV: Finding Our Next Obsession


Tomorrow’s the big day. March 14. Now sure, if you’re a math fan you’re already excited about the opportunity to celebrate your favorite irrational constant, but this year in particular, the rest of us have reason to look forward to the fourteenth as well, with Samsung running its big Unpacked event. Short of out and saying it, the company’s done pretty much everything it can to confirm that this will be the grand unveiling of the Galaxy S IV, the company’s 2013 Android flagship.

That’s going to be great to hear, and we’re itching for the opportunity to confirm the oh, so many details we’ve heard rumored about the GS4 over the past weeks and months. Even following the announcement, the Galaxy S IV will no doubt be on our minds for weeks to follow, as we look forward to the smartphone’s retail launch. Eventually, though, some of this excitement will have to give way to thoughts of other phones. With the GS4 about to step out of the shadows and reveal all its secrets, what will be the next smartphone we find ourselves obsessing over?

The Galaxy S IV comes near the end of announcements for what feels like the current generation of Android heavyweights, among peers like the Xperia Z, Optimus G Pro, and HTC One. That leaves us with a bit of uncertainty surrounding what’s next.

There’s the Motoroloa X phone, for one, but rumors have been all over the place with this guy, and it’s really not clear how big of a deal it will be. Motorola’s not been one to really push many envelopes, and while the X could easily be the company’s next big Android, it’s been difficult to get a sense for how it will measure up to the rest of the pack.

A little farther out, we’ve got the Optimus G II to look forward to from LG, acting as a more proper successor to the original G than the G Pro. LG feels like it hit a little bit of a lull after the success of its Nexus 4, and the G II might be the model to break it out of that slump. Based on what we’ve heard, it could stand to make its debut at the IFA in late August.

Another Android that will likely show its face around the same time is Samsung’s next biggie, the Galaxy Note III. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this one be even more powerful than the GS4, but it could also easily be Samsung’s largest Note to date, pushing the six-inch mark.

What about other platforms? Rumors have been suggesting that new iPhone news could arrive this summer, but the jury’s still out on what Apple will have to share. Will we see an iPhone 5S, a minor improvement over the iPhone 5, or get something more substantial, instead? Will Apple announce a budget-priced iPhone as well, and if not, could that news come later? Any way you cut it, there are going to be a ton of rumors trying to nail down just what Apple’s up to.

Windows Phone could also easily capture our attention, with hardware like the long-awaited 41-megapixel PureView Lumia in the running. Nokia’s supposedly getting into metal designs with the 928 for Verizon, a trend we could see continue with the phone codenamed Catwalk. Granted, with a much smaller user base it’s hard to drum up the same level of excitement we see from Android or iOS, but Windows Phone fans are a rabid bunch, and Nokia’s really been coming through with some killer hardware lately. If there is going to be a WP8 phone worth obsessing over in the coming months, it’ll be a Nokia.

Will we get excited about a new BlackBerry? Even though the Q10 has yet to arrive, it feels like we already know the handset, following its late January launch. Sure, we’re still curious to take it for a spin, but that won’t generate any kind of GS4-level buzz. Even some of the mystery hardware, like the Z10-ish-but-not-Z10 phone we’ve heard tipped for Sprint, just might not be able to generate enough interest.

Is that really it, then? We’ve got a handful of interesting Androids coming, the next iPhone, and possibly a 41MP Lumia. In most years, I’d say that the iPhone would be going to dominate our coverage, but I’m just not sure this time around; it’s been increasingly difficult to get excited about iOS products in the wake of so much substantial competition, and without any big hook, the next iPhone might stumble a bit.

Maybe rumors just won’t seem so captivating for a while. Could we really get some time to relax and just enjoy the phones we have? Hah; don’t count on it. There could be plenty of surprises we’ve yet to even consider, and one way or another, we’ll soon be pining over the next big smartphone to drop – whatever it may be.


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