This Is the Samsung Galaxy S IV, To Come Sans Earpiece, With Tissue Conduction?


This maybe part of the planned marketing hype for the March 14 special New York Unpacked event or it might just be some damage control after seeing the Samsung Galaxy S IV leaks yesterday. Either way, today’s image, an official one at that, nicely complements the leaked images we’ve seen the other day.

The official Samsung Twitter account has posted the above image and there’s no doubt we’re looking at the Galaxy S IV. It is also matching the device we’re recently seen, however, Samsung’s image, on purpose or not, doesn’t seem to show off the texture we’ve already seen (regardless of how much you bump your brightness or levels on the image).

Other than that, we’re seeing a very familiar outline; we’ve seen it starting with the Galaxy S III on every phone or phablet Samsung has released since May 2012. We’re also seeing the volume rockers right where they should be on the left side of the device.

…and now, for some speculation: another thing we don’t see in the image above is an earpiece. We’ve recently unboxed the Kyocera Torque which, aside from being a ruggedized phone, also features no earpiece as it is using tissue conduction technology. Will the Galaxy S IV feature the same capabilities? Or is it just a render-fail?

That’s anyone’s guess, but feel free to speculate in the comments and let us know whether this is something you’d like on your phone.

Before we get all excited, it is worth noting that we also don’t see any sensors or LED notifications on the render, at least one of which should be to the left of the missing speaker (or the Samsung branding).

Update: We couldn’t rest and made some Photoshop work ourselves. We superimposed a picture of the Galaxy S III over the device in the picture above and the contours match 100%. This could mean one of the two following things: the device in the picture above is really the S III and Samsung is using it to tease the follow-up — sans the earpiece, LED, and sensors — or, the device in the picture above, the S IV, will have the exact same looks and outline as the S III. Check it out below:

Source: Twitter

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