Congrats, You’ve Got a Smartphone! Now You’ll Talk Less


…and I’ll hate you.

Yes, the eternal debate on voice versus text is back, uglier than ever: “I prefer to talk,” “I prefer not to be bothered,” “I’d rather hear your voice,” “I’ll just reject your call and write you a message,” etc. Call me old-fashioned, classic, or blame it on cultural differences but I do like to talk on the phone rather than type. It’s more personal, convenient, faster, and … human.

We can thank smartphones for an endless list of things; among those, unfortunately, for barely using our phones to actually place (or receive) calls.

My phone used to ring at least five to seven times per day, resulting in actual conversations with my friends. Now I’m getting all these Twitter and Messenger notifications which I honestly hate. You type and type – and often wait minutes for an answer – and when you think the conversation is over you get one more notification after finally putting the phone down. Frankly, I often feel I’m losing my mind.

With a phone call, at least you know when it ends. Not to mention the benefit of hearing the tone of the other person’s voice. With today’s bias toward text, though, I could basically live without a SIM card in my phone as long as I have an internet connection – and I’d still be able to stay in touch with everyone. This, I like, but I really loathe!

Getting lost in all the (often fake) smileys and LOLs and winks has turned many into real text-machines. LOL. Yes, that’s a fake LOL, just like most of those you probably receive or send in a “messaging session” or conversation.

“Can you believe I met this guy and he asked for my number? Lame!”

Recent studies are right when they demonstrate that we barely use our smartphone as phones. Surely there are infinite ways of communication but the most personal and intimate is, after all, the phone call.

No, I couldn’t care less about carriers and their losing money because we talk less. They rip us off and make up for it in data charges, or elsewhere on our monthly bill. However, I do care about my sanity!

Just the other day, while hanging out with some friends, I asked for the number of a friend of a friend. I got the Facebook handle, Twitter handle, and Yahoo Messenger ID. “Message me!” they said.

“Hell no!”
I said.


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