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Something funny happened a few months back.

It was June 27, the day of the Nexus 7 announcement, and as usual, we were churning out a boatload of content. In addition to the usual news posts, editorials, and a pretty quick unboxing, something special showed up on the Pocketnow home page. It was a post by our own editor-in-chief, Brandon Miniman, with an unusual headline. Instead of the usual tease, question, or open-ended expression, this headline featured two complete sentences, openly declaring almost the entire contents of the story right on the front page. It read:

The Nexus 7 Tablet Has No Rear Camera. Good.

Drilling into the little mini-editorial, I was struck by two things. The first was how concise it was; it didn’t even have enough meat to clear our ad block on the left side of the page. The second thing that stunned me was its effectiveness: the piece generated some awesome feedback down in the comments, sparking a spirited yet civil debate about cameras on tablets. I’ll admit, I was surprised at what a success it turned out to be.

That lesson – that you don’t need a 1,500-word editorial to incite meaningful discussion – has stuck with me since, and today I’m proud to announce a new series of short, to-the-point editorials from the Pocketnow team. It will go up whenever one of us has something succinct to share, something we’d like readers to weigh in on. It will exclusively feature articles less than 500 words. And, because most of us are veterans of internet message boards, we’re giving it a fun, if somewhat predictable, name: TLDR.

We hope you enjoy the first installment of TLDR, published concurrently with this announcement. Stay tuned for more, and as always, we’d love your feedback down below.




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