Beautiful Widgets Update is Awesome (Video)


If there’s one thing I get asked more often than anything else, it’s “what’s that weather/clock widget in your video?” It’s called Beautiful Widgets by LevelUp Studio and I’ve been using it since the days before it was banned from the Play Store.

Banned from the Play Store?

It was called the “Android Market” back then, but yes, it was banned. Why? The app came out back when HTC was doing some really pretty things with Sense, and their Clock Widget was the prettiest thing around. Unfortunately, Beautiful Widgets was too similar to HTC’s widget. Instead of throwing in the towel, LevelUp Studio rebuilt their app with a plugin architecture where graphic artists and themers could build their own theme which you could download into the app.

The app lived for quite a while that way. The biggest complaint was the complexity of setting up widgets how users wanted them. With that in mind, LevelUp Studio recently released version 5, which does away with all the complexity and complaints from the old version. This iteration has been around for a little while, so way are we covering it now? Almost without fail, in virtually every video I shoot, I’m asked to identify the “weather widget” or “that clock widget”. Rather than just answering those questions in the comments, we decided to cover the new version of Beautiful Widgets, and show off a few of its additional features.

What do you think about the new version? What’s your favorite feature? Make sure you let us know in the comments!

Beautiful Widgets 5.0 is available in the Google Play Store.

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