Take a Look at Samsung’s Agressive Marketing During the Oscars


Any company, regardless of industry, is only as successful as its marketing reach. If someone doesn’t know about a product, they can’t buy it. Some companies do this by word of mouth, others turn to social networks to spread the news of their products, others spend gazillions of dollars on TV and more traditional ads. Each marketing strategy has its strengths and weaknesses, and each appeals to a different demographic segment.

Samsung decided to go all-in with the Oscars this year, placing six ads — one including a cameo by film director Tim Burton. The agency behind the ad campaign, 72andSunny, are the same creative folks who came up with one of Samsung’s previous campaigns: “The next big thing is already here”.

Why the Oscars? The Academy Awards, officially re-branded as “The Oscars” this year, are awards or recognition presented annually for “excellence in cinematic achievements”. Movie cover a wide range of topics and as a whole appeal to a wide variety of demographics. People watch the awards to see if their favorite film, actor/actress, director, etc. will win awards. This unusual coming together of so many members of different demographic segments is somewhat unique, and a good way for a company to get their products in front of people who may otherwise have been unaware of them. Therein lies a challenge: ads must be somewhat generic, or speak to several different groups at the same time to effectively convey their message.

That’s what Samsung has attempted to do in their new ad series where we follow the creation of a new video game: Unicorn Apocalypse. The commercials in the series highlight all the features of the Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note 2, and Galaxy Note 10.1, including many of the SAFE features we told you about a few days ago.

We’ve been able to track down five of the six commercials. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

SAFE and the Unicorn Apocalypse

SAFE with Two in One

Work SAFE with Group Play

The Leak

Meeting with Tim Burton

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