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LG Shows All Its New Phones Together at MWC

by Stephen Schenck on

LG really hadn’t left us with any us with anything to be surprised by at the MWC this year; over the last couple weeks, we’ve heard it model-by-model reveal pretty much everything it was intending to show at the Mobile World Congress in advance. The F series were the last holdouts, but even they’ve gone official. Now LG is rounding everything all up and showing off its full new lineup.

The F series includes the Optimus F3 and F5, both mid-rangers, but with some decent specs, especially for the F7. The L series II has three phones in it, the Optimus L3 II, L5 II, and L7 II; these are all lower-end models, and unlike the Fs will be 3G-only.

LG is including the Vu series in this list, but there’s nothing new there, only the original Optimus Vu and the more recent Vu 2.

The G series gets last years Optimus G as well as the just-announced Optimus G Pro, the company’s first 1080p handset. Clearly, these are the most exciting of the bunch, though with the Optimus G II already on the horizon, their time is already ticking down.

And of course, this being LG, it’s recruited a bevy of beauties to show off all these smartphones. Check them out (the phones, we mean) in the gallery below:

Source: LG
Via: Android Central

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