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Running Android Apps On The Surface Pro (Video)

by Adam Z. Lein on

You’ve already seen how well full high-end desktop PC programs perform on the new Surface Pro from Microsoft. What about Android apps though? In the video below, we’ll show you how to get your favorite Android apps on the Surface Pro using a new Windows 8 optimize version of the Bluestacks software. This software is an early version that’s still in beta, so you can expect a few bugs, but still you’ll notice that many things are working quite well.

The Surface Pro does not have dedicated Android hardware buttons like “Back”, “Home”, or “Menu”, so the Bluestacks software had to make virtual buttons for those functions. In the full screen Windows 8 version, it takes an extra step to swipe the right side of the screen in order to access these controls.  On one hand I wish those system controls were more quickly accessible, but on the other hand running Android apps and games in full-screen mode with no extraneous chrome is pretty nice.

Overall, while the performance could be improved (perhaps with further optimizations from Bluestacks), many Android apps are very usable on the Surface Pro.  Could the Surface Pro replace your Android tablet?  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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