Nokia Employee Teases Windows Phone 8 Notification Center? (Nope)


The lack of a centralized notification center is one of Windows Phone 8’s more obvious shortcomings, and it’s one we’ve been talking about Microsoft needing to fix for some time now. Last year, we brought you rumors about a supposed Apollo+ update that the company was preparing for sometime early this year, which just might feature the overdue notification center. As we await more news on plans for this update, WPCentral has uncovered a mysterious teaser image thrown together by what appears to be a Nokia employee, hinting at the arrival of just such a notification system.

The image above was posted to DeviantArt by a user who, after cross-referencing some of his other accounts and tracking down his Facebook page, appears to be Nokia’s Scotty Le, an employee in its Software Quality Assurance for Windows Phone 8 department. He mentions having just taken a trip to Microsoft’s Redmond campus where he was shown something he claims not to be allowed to reveal outright, but permitted to tease – this image is what he came up with to do so.

While it doesn’t appear to show very much, some of the clipped-off text on the right edge has been discovered to match up with Jaxbot’s Notification Center app for Windows Phone 7. Microsoft’s center will probably appear differently, but this could be Le’s way of attempting to reveal just what it was he got to see.

Update: Looks like a big false alarm. Le has taken to his Twitter account to deny that a notification center was what he was teasing. That’s not saying that such a thing isn’t in the works at Microsoft, but that it’s simply not what Le was hinting at here.

He has also posted a new disclaimer over on Deviant Art, explaining, “This picture is no mean of confirmation for anything, i heard some stuffs by the time i was at Redmond. This picture is more like a picture of a fan to show how dedicated the lads at Microsoft are for the platform…”

Finally, it’s come to light that Le isn’t a Nokia employee at all, making this all a big misunderstanding from the get-go.

Source: Deviant Art
Via: WPCentral

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