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BlackBerry 10 Vs. Windows Phone 8 (Video)

by Stephen Schenck on

We’ve already showed you how BlackBerry 10 looks when compared against Android, but for you Windows Phone fans out there, we wanted to highlight just what BB10’s got in common with WP8, and where these two platforms tend to do things differently.

Just like we did with Android, we take a function-by-function look at the two operating systems, starting with the first thing you’re exposed to when picking up your phone: its lock screen. From there we check out how notifications work (or don’t), see how on-device search works, and compare what each platform puts you through when you want to start-up an app. Once you have a few apps open you’ll want to switch between them, so we investigate how each OS deals with multitasking. Check out the video below to see for yourself how the two platforms compare, and maybe get a better sense about which could be right for you.

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