Microsoft’s 64GB Surface Pro Only Leaves You 23GB Usable

Here’s when you start to debate if the word “Pro” is really worthy of a product’s name. While some of us are both excited or simply underwhelmed by the news of the Microsoft Surface Pro reaching retail stores on February 9th, it seems that choosing the right Surface will be crucial to satisfy your needs.

As it turns out, if you choose to go for the 64GB entry-level model, you won’t be left with much to actually do with your “tablet that’s also a PC device”. You’ll barely be left with 23GB of usable storage, and we don’t think many of you had even started high school when dealing with that much amount of storage on a “computer” was considered acceptable. Surely you’ll be able to run full PC apps on it, but exactly how many of those will you be able to actually load on it is the question.

If you decide to cough some extra bucks and go for the 128GB model, 83GB of storage is what’s left for you to use, which is more of a decent number for the standards of most people, but then the money you had planned on the touch cover just went along with it.

I’m sure lot’s of you Surface defenders will argue that you have microSDXC support and USB3.0 as well, but can you imagine having to carry a tablet with you and be forced to have dongles protruding all around? That said, installing apps on external storage is something that you most likely won’t be able to do as well, so just think long and hard about what poison you’ll want to pick when selecting the Surface Pro, if you’re still on board.

Via: The Verge

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