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You Can Now Send Voice Messages Using Facebook Messenger

by Anton D. Nagy on

Facebook’s messaging option, and, implicitly, its Messenger app, quickly became one of the go-to solutions for cross-platform communication. Up until recently you could send text and images but with the latest versions of the applications, both for Android and iOS, you can now also send voice messages.

“Send a quick voice message when you have more to say”, says the description, but you don’t need to hurry as it turns out that the “quick” voice message is not that quick; you’re being limited alright but you can record messages as long as one minute, which is more than enough to say what you have to say. If you need more, you might as well just call the other person.

Make sure to update your client or follow the source links below to benefit from the new feature.

Source: Apple iTunes App Store, Google Play Store

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