The Best Android Apps You’ve Never Heard Of (Video)


With over 700,000 apps, it should come as no surprise that the Google Play Store has at least a few apps that you’ve probably never heard of. We all know the more famous apps, but out of the hundreds of thousands of others, there have to be some hidden gems. With that in mind we started asking around and with your help we have put together a short list some of the best Android apps that you’ve probably never heard of.


Hotel Tonight

This app comes highly recommended by our own Michael Fisher who uses it every time he goes to New York City. With the app you can book a high-end hotel room on the day of your stay for very cheap (last-minute) rates. Therein lies the catch: you can only use it “last minute”, so us “early birds” are met with a countdown timer to noon — which is when the great rates will be available.

Traveler by Flightstats

Traveler provides quick access to flight, airport and airline status worldwide, as well as weather information, and tons of other information that every traveler needs and is great for both business and “leisure” travelers.

Field Trip

Formerly called “Scout”, Field Trip is a relatively new app from a group at Google called Niantic Labs. The app uses your geo-location and a database of points of interest to notify you when you’re close to a point of interest. Since interests vary, you can tell the app what you’re interested in so you can start to discover what’s hidden around you.


Naked Browser

As its name implies, this app is a web browser. It has a very minimalistic user interface to conserve resources and speed up surfing. It also liberates some of the screen space that would otherwise have been occupied by tabs, menus, and icons. This makes browsing much more immersive and less distracting.

eWallet Go

This app helps you store, protect, and view your important information like passwords, account numbers, card numbers, and IDs and is all protected by 256-bit AES encryption. Unfortunately  other than storing your credit card numbers in it, you can’t use eWallet Go to actually make purchases.

Wave Launcher

Wave Launcher is a fast, gesture-based launch bar that’s always accessible via a gesture. When you call it up, your apps are presented in a swooshy bar across the screen so you can quickly and easily get to all your important apps.



Google Currents delivers beautiful, magazine-like articles to your tablet and smartphone for offline reading of your favorite sites! This app has been around for quite some time, but for reasons unknown, it isn’t terribly well known.

Dice Player

If you’ve got movies that you didn’t obtain through the Google Play Store you’re going to need some way to play them — sometimes the built-in movie player just won’t cut it. If that sounds like you, Dice Player is your answer! It plays all kinds of movie formats and can take advantage of your phone or tablet’s hardware decoding to accelerate playback.

Rise of Glory

This excellent WWI flight combat simulator is fun, simple, and pretty. What more do we need to say?


c:geo is an excellent, free geocaching app for Android. As Michael Fisher puts it, “if you don’t know what geocaching is, you won’t dig it, but if you do, you will” love this app!


Ingress is a game that’s currently in an invite-only, closed beta. Published by Niantic Labs at Google, this app uses players as foot soldiers to visit points of interest (which are called “portals”) and submit geo-tagged photos. Players are incentivized to return to these portals frequently to upgrade them and collect in-game assets. Using this data, Google is able to broaden and solidify their POI database and can use that information in other apps like Maps and Field Trip (mentioned above).

Your Turn

I called out to the Pocketnow team and our readers a few days ago to submit their favorite “little-known” apps. I’m sure this is just a small sample of what’s really out there. Now it’s your turn! Tell us what apps you like and use most that we may never have heard of!

Thanks: Michael, Stephen, Adam, Tony, Nichola, Keshav

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