Galaxy Note II Giveaway: We Have A Winner!


Recently, the good people at Samsung Mobile USA were kind enough to provide us with a spare Galaxy Note II for giveaway purposes, and a giveaway is just what we announced last week. We asked you to send in your answers to five trivia questions placed randomly throughout our articles and the Pocketnow Weekly podcast, and you responded en masse: nearly 700 of you weighed in with your responses to Galaxy Note II-based trivia questions asking about everything from hyperglaze to battery capacity.

The logistics are now complete, the numbers have been drawn, and the revels are just beginning for our lucky winner. Please join us in congratulating Jonathan Hidalgo Sanchez, who’ll be taking home his very own AT&T-branded Samsung Galaxy Note II. Congrats, Jonathan! We’ve sent you an email and you’ll be receiving your new smartphone shortly after we get your shipping address!

A look into the giveaway process: as delineated in the official contest post, our winner was selected from those who submitted the correct answers to the five trivia questions placed on Pocketnow posts and heard on last week’s episode of the Pocketnow Weekly podcast, and who also fulfilled the like/follow requirements on Facebook and/or Twitter. Of the 694 submissions received in total, generated a winning value of “178,” which number corresponded to Jonathan’s submission.

We checked Jonathan’s answers against our available data, and found them to be correct. We were prepared to be lenient in judging answers submitted, but that wasn’t necessary in Jonathan’s case, as he provided correct answers matching the following:

What is the maximum size microSD card that an AT&T-branded Galaxy Note II can accommodate?


What is Samsung’s official name for the glossy coating on the Galaxy Note II?

“Hyper glaze”

What is the name of the manufacturer that makes the Galaxy Note II’s digitizer (the element of the screen that make the S Pen work)?


What is Samsung’s official name for the special UI layer, or “skin,” that runs atop Android on the Galaxy Note II?

TouchWiz Nature UX

How big (in mAh) is the battery that ships with the Galaxy Note II?

3100 mAh


Again, no one was disqualified for giving answers that varied from these: Jonathan’s email was the first randomly drawn, and he answered these questions accurately to our satisfaction.

We’d like to thank our partners at Samsung for making this giveaway possible, and also everyone who participated by following along with Pocketnow’s posts and listening to our podcast. We thank you for lending us your eyes and ears, and we look forward to offering more giveaways in the future. Congratulations again to Jonathan, and good luck next time, everyone!



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