First Look at Expanded Jelly Bean Quick Toggles (Video)


Another of my favorite features in Android Jelly Bean 4.2 is the new Quick Toggles panel. It’s sort of like the Power Widget that some custom ROMs include in the notification shade, but devoted to its own panel. You get to it by pulling down on the notification bar with two fingers on smartphones (or by pulling down on the right side of the notification bar on tablets). Inside the Quick Toggles panel you’re able to quickly check the status of various components like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and easily toggle them on or off. Unfortunately, there’s currently no way for you to change what shows up in your Quick Toggles panel. Now, thanks to a quick tutorial on XDA-Developers, that’s all about to change!

Making the change needs to be done at the code level. That means chances are you’ll be getting this feature through a custom ROM (like CyanogenMod, which I’ll show you in the video below), or through a flashable mod to your existing ROM. I wasn’t able to find a solution that lets you customize what shows up in your custom quick toggle — not yet anyway — but Roladriz at XDA-Developers has shown that some customization can be made on the device, rather than in code.


You can even specify the icon size!

If you’re an end-user, flash a CyanogenMod 10.1 Nightly to see how Custom Quick Toggles works on your device. If you’re a developer, head over to the thread at XDA-Developers to see how you can get started customizing Quick Toggles for the rest of us!

Source: XDA

Image Credits: lithid-cmRoladriz

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