List Reveals BlackBerry 10’s Banned Passwords


“That’s amazing! I’ve got the same combination on my luggage!”

If you want real security for your smartphone, that means assigning it some sort of password. Face unlock’s not going to cut it; to keep prying eyes away from your data, you’ll need something a little more secure, whether’s that’s a complicated gesture lock, a PIN, or a straight-up password. RIM, to its credit, seems to be taking steps to make sure that your password in BlackBerry 10 will resist at least some basic attempts to guess at it, upon the discovery of a list of 106 passwords that users will be banned from choosing.

These kinds of lists are always interesting for seeing just what the developers considered likely to be a predictable password. Of course, some are just common strings of letters or numbers, but we’ve also got a whole bunch of first names and “blackberry” itself.

RIM seems especially concerned with keeping its users from choosing passwords based on A. A. Milne’s characters in his Winnie-the-Pooh stories, and Star Trek fans are out of luck, too, with “ncc1701” among the banned. Check out the full list below:

1=123456 2=12345678 3=123abc 4=a1b2c3 5=aaaaaa 6=abc123 7=abc123 8=abcdef 9=amanda 10=andrew 11=angel 12=asdfgh 13=august 14=avalon 15=bandit 16=barney 17=baseball 18=batman 19=biteme 20=brandy 21=buster 22=butthead 23=calvin 24=canada 25=changeme 26=chelsea 27=coffee 28=computer 29=cowboy 30=diamond 31=donald 32=dorothy 33=dragon 34=eeyore 35=falcon 36=fishing 37=football 38=freedom 39=f***me 40=f***you 41=gandalf 42=george 43=harley 44=hello 45=helpme 46=hockey 47=iloveyou 48=internet 49=jennifer 50=jonathan 51=jordan 52=letmein 53=maggie 54=marina 55=master 56=matthew 57=merlin 58=michael 59=michelle 60=mickey 61=mike 62=miller 63=molson 64=Monday 65=monday 66=monkey 67=mustang 68=natasha 69=ncc1701 70=newpass 71=newyork 72=pamela 73=password 74=patrick 75=pepper 76=piglet 77=poohbear 78=pookie 79=princess 80=qwerty 81=rabbit 82=rachel 83=ranger 84=rocket 85=secret 86=service 87=shadow 88=snoopy 89=soccer 90=sparky 91=spring 92=steven 93=success 94=summer 95=sunshine 96=thomas 97=tigger 98=trustno1 99=victoria 100=whatever 101=wizard 102=zapata 103=blackberry 104=blackberryid 105=bbidentity 106=playbook

Source: RapidBerry
Via: CrackBerry

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