Here’s What We Love and Hate About the Nexus 4


The Nexus 4 could very well be one of the most powerful and affordable smartphones ever. But, like anything, it has its high and low points. As we prepare our full review of Google’s latest and greatest for you, we wanted to provide some observations on what’s awesome and what’s not so awesome after a bit of use.

We Hate…

The screen sensitivity. Remember the reports of the iPhone 5 having screen sensitivity issues, most likely because its use of a new display technology that bonds the touch sensor directly to the display? Yeah, the Nexus 4, with its use of a similar technology, has the same problem. Touch sensitivity is definitely worse than on the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S III. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it does take a lot of getting used to, especially when typing, when you might find yourself having to slow down to accurately type.

The sub-par performance in Chrome. In our tests, Chrome is still not as fast as the default Android browser, even with the power of the S4 Pro. In fact, the iPhone 5 handily beats the Nexus 4 in web browsing performance. Google should keep it in beta and not use it as the default browser on their flagship products. It’s just not ready for prime time.

The lack of LTE. This stings the most if you’re coming from a phone that had LTE. It’s like, well, going from LTE to HSPA+. Web pages load more slowly, YouTube videos take longer to buffer, and so forth. However, if you’re coming from a non-LTE phone, this probably won’t bother you.

We Love…

The detail on the backing. It’s comprised of thousands and thousands of circular etchings which face in different directions. The result is that some of the circles “go away” in certain light, then shimmer back into view when you rotate the phone in the light.

Android 4.2. Google “fixed” Android in 4.1 by making the UI run at a higher framerate. With Jelly Bean 4.2, there’s a host of really useful features that round out the Android experience even more: PhotoSphere, gesture typing, settings in the notification shade, lock screen widgets, and so forth.

The display. While a little bit warm in color temperature, the display has incredible sharpness and great color saturation. She’s a beaut.

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