Google’s Preorder Experience for the Nexus 4, 10 Was Terrible


We’re no strangers to the pre-order process. It either happens in one of two ways. One, you fill out a form to be notified when a product is going to be up for pre-order. This is often something Google does. Or two, you show up at a date and time, usually midnight Pacific in the case of Apple pre-orders, and try to put your order in as the clock strikes 12. Either way, the pre-order process is frustrating because for big products, you might find yourself hitting refresh dozens of times as the company’s servers are crushed under the heavy load. But usually, if you’re willing to be persistent and do it at the right time, you eventually get your order through.

Google’s pre-order experience for the new Nexus devices was the worst pre-order we’ve ever experienced. Not only was the pre-order time kept secret until the day of (sorry, those of you that were up at midnight Pacific), but Google completely ignored the email notification system which could have been used to inform interested buyers of the pre-order time, and more importantly, to give those that signed up early prioritization with a special link. Instead, interested Nexus 4 (and 10) customers were left with just minutes to get their order in, all the while Google Play shot back server errors and empty shopping carts. Some got their orders in, but most did not. What a terrible, terrible experience from a company that has more computer servers than any other on the planet.

Did you get your pre-order in?

Update: If you’re patient, Google is still accepting Nexus 4 orders. Here’s how to get one.

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