Android Power User: Into the Future (Video)


A while back, we at Pocketnow faced a challenge: our Android articles were taking more time to write and our videos were getting long. The reason for both  was due to the fact that we try and write our articles and script our videos so they apply and are readily understandable by the majority of our audience. We have a very diverse audience — which is wonderful!

Unfortunately, explaining all the nitty gritty details was sometimes overwhelming to various segments of our audience. They’d get lost in the details and miss out on the cool stuff. Another segment of our audience, Android Power Users, were being bored by all the basics, and were also missing out. To address both groups, we put our heads together and The Android Power User was born.

We started out with a list of several topics that we felt would provide a solid foundation upon which “regular” Android users could stand, so we wouldn’t have to go into as much educational detail in our videos and articles and could get right to the “good stuff”. As time went by we added several more topics to the series (most of which were recommended by viewers like you).

Congratulations! You’re an Android Power User!

We’ve covered all of the basics and built that foundation. If you’ve kept up with us and have tried most of what you saw in the videos for yourself: Congratulations! You’re an Android Power User!

If you were already a power user before we started, and followed along for a refresher: thank you! If you helped someone out by answering their questions or helping them learn about a topic: thank you!

The End?

That brings us to today. You may be thinking that this is the end of the journey. Like most educational experiences, this isn’t the end, this is just the beginning!

Now that we’ve established this library of Android Power User topics we can refer back to them in upcoming articles and videos. This means we won’t be spending as much time explaining all the prerequisites, but we still won’t be leaving out “regular” users who are new to the site. This will not only save you time reading our articles and watching our videos, it will free us up to write more articles and shoot more videos!

Now that you’ve got your “diploma”, it’s time for you to go to work! You have two main responsibilities.

Number one: you now know more (much more) than the “regular” Android user. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help educate, inform, and assist your fellow users when they run into problems.

Number two: there are a lot of really, really cool things out there. We can’t find them all. When you come across something amazing, let us know about it! On the homepage of there is a Tip Us button. On every article I write, you can click on my name to send an email directly to me. Let us know what you see so we can share it with all our friends.

Thank you again for being a part of the Android Power User series. We look forward to putting all your new-found knowledge to good use in the very near future!

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