Samsung Sells Three Million Galaxy Note II Devices

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note II at the IFA in Berlin at the end of August and has ever since made an incredible marketing push, both globally and in the US, where the phone is available on all major carriers. As a natural consequence, Samsung has now made it official that the company achieved sales of 3,000,000 units, a figure much higher than of the original Note (but lower than the Galaxy S III).

Because of the fairly large size and “phablet” form factor it is not necessarily attractive for the entire chunk of the consumer market. Starting the end of September Samsung managed to sell three million units globally in 37 days. We’re not quite sure whether this number represents actual sales to consumers or just the amount of devices the company managed to move (to carriers, retailers, etc.). Our Korean is rather bad but the press release in the source below does mention the word “supply” so we’re assuming this figure represents units shipped to partners and not end customers. Still, it is a admirable number and represents an answer to a need of the market that Samsung either recognized or created.

Source: Samsung

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