Market Watchers Predict Slow Windows Phone 8 Demand


DigiTimes’ track record with information is like a roller coaster; sometimes they get it right, sometimes they don’t, but it sure looks they get inside information on a rather frequent basis (or so they claim). The latest report coming our way is based on “market watchers” and their opinions who believe that initial demand for Windows Phone 8 devices will be poor.

While analysts, commenters, market watchers and alike should usually have a good grasp of the entire landscape, their own predictions are a hit or miss. This time they predict a demand which is “not expected to be considerably large”. Their conclusions are based on the fact that the OS has a learning curve to it, as well as on Android and iOS competition, in addition to OEM projections.

While Windows Phone 8 is a new platform it is not, from the user experience point of view, any different from Windows Phone 7; a learning curve is not present for Windows Phone users and for those who are new to the platform, it exists, as with any other platform out there.

Talking of Windows Phone 7 owners, many are still locked in with their contracts so they might not be able to switch right away. But how about new platform adopters?

As far as OEMs are concerned, Nokia and HTC are expecting lower figures for the last quarter of the year. While Nokia is mainly focused on Windows Phone, HTC has a solid portfolio of Android devices (and in conclusion it doesn’t mean that Windows Phone 8 will be slow to take off even if projections are modest, especially with their new Windows Phone signature devices).

We know we’re not analysts! Trying to predict sales for a new platform surrounded by a lot of buzz and with excellent hardware, before the Holiday season, is a rather bold move. Let us know your “non-analyst” thoughts below!

Source: DigiTimes

Via: PhoneArena

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