After The Buzz: Samsung Galaxy S III (Video)


Most new-device launches go the same way: usually the press gets review units before they’re widely available, and we get to use them for a few days -or a week if we’re lucky- as we work on our review.

Then press day arrives. The embargo on media coverage lifts, and everyone posts their reviews and videos at the same time. It’s a huge frenzy, commenters go nuts, and it’s a giant explosion of frantic opinion-sharinactivity.

For about … a day. And then it all goes away. Sure, there’s followup coverage as people find bugs and hidden features, but after that initial blast, not many people revisit the device to see how it feels a few weeks or months later, because everyone’s already focused on the next big deal coming down the pipe.

So let’s do something about that. Let’s see how we feel about devices when they’re not shiny and new anymore. This is After The Buzz.


We’ve featured the Samsung Galaxy S III in more videos, reviews, and editorials than almost any other smartphone – and for good reason. The third installment in Samsung’s high-end Galaxy S family is perhaps the company’s most significant mobile product, and it’s certainly been one of the most successful.

While it might seem a little premature to use the device as the focus for an “After The Buzz” segment, considering the market is still flooded with advertisements extolling the virtues of “the next big thing,” it actually launched almost five months ago. As it creeps up on smartphone middle age, how is 2012’s most notable superphone holding up in day-to-day use? Click the video below to find out.


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