iPhone 5 Has Better Screen Than the Galaxy S III, Says Cnet


First there was DisplayMate that concluded in favor of the iPhone 5 when it came to its screen being compared to the rest of devices tested in their labs. It was one point in favor of the Apple-phone versus Samsung’s Galaxy S III and now Cnet is also putting the iPhone 5 in front of its main Android competitor.

The report states that multiple iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III phones were the object of lab tests and measurements. While there are pros and cons for every screen, the conclusion is the following: “the iPhone 5’s screen is better than that of the Galaxy S3”.

The Apple smartphone has a brighter screen than the Galaxy S III (almost four times as bright) but the GSIII has deeper blacks (almost 50 times darker) due to the Super AMOLED screen. Overall, color reproduction on the iPhone 5 has been found to be more accurate: “The iPhone hews significantly closer to the standard gamut used to produce most of the photos, videos, and other consumer content you’ll view onscreen. That means it produces highly accurate colors. The Galaxy S3, on the other hand, has a gamut far beyond the standard, which oversaturates colors”.

Heading over to the source link you’ll find a tablet with measurements and their results. You’ll also find methodology and all the geeky-techy stuff you need to draw your own conclusion.

Source: Cnet

Via: PhoneArena

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