Why Is Nokia Second After Samsung?


The other day we reported about a Changewave research survey that showed that nine percent of those interviewed are inclined to purchase a Windows Phone 8.  Of those 9% that were interested in Windows Phone 8, a whopping 51% wanted a Samsung branded Windows Phone, while 35% were interested in the Nokia branded Windows Phones.  As mentioned, this seems kind of strange since while the Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone 8 was the first to be announced, it has not been getting nearly as much media attention as Nokia has enjoyed, nor as much as HTC even.  The ATIV S certainly does look to be a pretty nice phone though.  Its most stand-out feature would probably be the high-capacity MicroSD expansion slot that will allow you to add up to 64Gb of storage for movies, pictures, and tons of music, while still having 16 or 32Gb of internal storage on the phone for all of your apps and other encrypted data.

Could it be that many of these survey respondents really find high capacity storage more compelling than some of the innovations Nokia is bringing to Windows Phone (such as optical image stabilization, wireless charging, free music, augmented reality, etc.)?  In terms of Windows Phone market share, the Nokia Lumia is already at the top.

Or, could it be that people really only want one phone in one grey/black color scheme that looks mostly the same as every other phone out there?

Or could it be that statistics are always wrong and this is just more proof of that?

A few of our readers suggest that really it’s because of how popular Samsung’s name is these days.  Samsung is doing very well with their “Galaxy S” Android offerings and have also done a great job with marketing.  Being sued by Apple probably also brought out some good name recognition for Samsung, and their brand has certainly earned a stronger reputation than Nokia in recent years.

Even though Nokia seems to be getting a good amount of mind-share in terms of its upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices, does Samsung’s Windows Phone 8 hold more appeal to you because of their success with Android?


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