Nexus 7 Giveaway, Week 1: We Have A Winner!


Our joint Pocketnow-Amzer Nexus 7 giveaway contest has been a big hit with readers, presumably on account of the whole giving-away-a-$199-tablet-for-free thing. To refresh your memory: it’s a three-week contest, with one Nexus 7 being given away every week to a lucky winner. See the above-linked post for the full contest rules.

We’re happy to announce our winner from last week: Роман Карпенко, congratulations! You’ve won an 8GB Nexus 7 tablet, along with a silicone jelly case and ShatterProof screen protector! We’ve contacted you at the email address you provided; please reply at your earliest convenience.

We thought everyone might appreciate a peek into the methodology we used to determine a winner. There were 578 entries this week, of which about 90% bore the correctly formatted hint sentence, which was “Nexus 7 Rocks The House” (not case- or spelling-sensitive). Since this was a global giveaway, and our hint sentence this week was somewhat heavy on Western slang, we also accepted variations like “The Nexus 7 Rocks House.” After the first week’s contest period ended last Friday, we used random-number generator to provide an integer between 1 and 578, which yielded the number 409. That number corresponded to Роман’s entry, which bore the correctly-worded sentence. Once we confirmed that Роман had liked and/or followed Amzer on Twitter and/or Facebook, the process was complete.

We’d like to sincerely thank everyone who participated in the contest, from our regular readers to first-time visitors. Don’t forget that we have two more grand prizes left in the giveaway! Be sure to play this week for your chance to win! We don’t get to do giveaways too often, but they’re a lot of fun, and we hope to have more opportunities to do so in the future. Thank you for your submissions!

Updated to reflect social-media compliance element. (Thanks, Dave!)

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