EXIF Data In Picture Hints ‘LG Nexus 4’ Moniker

Looks like companies are doing a piss-poor job at keeping secrets these days. After the iPhone 5 was all over the internet way before it got announced (something similar is going on with the rumored iPad mini) we’re now taking the LG-made Nexus phone for granted thanks to all the leaks, rumors, and even reviews of prototypes.

LG Nexus, LG Optimus Nexus, LG Nexus 4, and others have been speculated as viable names for the phone. The EXIF data in the image above (which you need to treat with a dose of skepticism knowing that it’s rather easy to fake this information) seems to indicate a camera made by LGE and a model called Nexus 4. However, if the info is unaltered, we are looking at the next Nexus, dubbed Nexus 4, a moniker which also popped up in inventory listings. We’ll definitely know more on October 29, the date rumored for the device announcement.

Source: Picasa

Via: Droid-life

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