Does Anyone Want These Nexus 7s? (Giveaway)


We did it before with a Galaxy S III, and now all you tablet lovers get to get in on the sweet, sweet action! Back by popular demand is the Pocketnow Giveaway, this time featuring not one, not two, but three Nexus 7 tablets, courtesy of our friends at Amzer! Can we get a rippling roar of enthusiastic excitement, please?

We’ll just assume you did that. Settle down now, kids, and listen to how this is gonna go down.

To get the errors from last time out of the way right up front: read this entire entryThe rules are simple, but you won’t know what’s going on if you don’t read carefully. We’re not answering contest-related questions on Twitter, either, so read these rules and watch our official post video below.

Up for grabs are three (3) separate Nexus 7 tablets, and each one will come with a ShatterProof screen protector from Amzer. We know, we know – “screen protectors? Yawwwnnn!” Before your eyes glaze over, though, check out this video to see what Amzer’s ShatterProof protectors are all about. We haven’t tried them ourselves yet because they’re brand new products still being manufactured, but … it gets intense. For real.

Power drill not included.

Grand Prize (3)

Anyway, each of the three grand prize winners will receive an 8GB Nexus 7 and an accompanying ShatterProof screen protector (when they become available), plus a silicone jelly case, courtesy of our friends at Amzer.

Runner-Up Prize (3)

Each of three additional runner-up winners will also receive 1 ShatterProof screen protector for their own phone/tablet, if available for their device. See Amzer’s official ShatterProof site for a list of supported products!

How To Enter

You guys see all the mentions of Amzer up there? They’re our partner in this giveaway and we’re trying to give them some love, so you know there’s gonna be some social network-style “Liking” going on, in addition to our usual fun. So here’s what you need to do:

To Qualify:

  1. Go to both Amzer’s Facebook Page and Amzer’s Twitter Account (links will open in new tabs) and Like them. As in, right now. Winners will be announced there, as well as on our own Facebook and Twitter pages, which you should also Like and follow. If you have Twitter but not Facebook, or vice versa, do whichever one you can. But you MUST do one of the above. If you don’t do this, you cannot win the contest.
  2. On Twitter, tweet the following contest announcement. It should read like this: I’ve entered to win 3 Nexus 7s in the @AmzerInc #ShatterProof Nexus 7 Giveaway on @pocketnowtweets – enter now: If you want, you can even just click here to tweet. 
  3. If all you want is to be entered into the runner-up category for the ShatterProof protectors, you can stop here. You’re done! But you’re probably here for a tablet, right? So …
  4. Read our articles at every day during the contest period. Every day, there will be a clue at the end of one post. You won’t know what post it will be; could be a news post, editorial post, or video post, so read every post we put on the front page during the contest period to find each day’s clue. The clue will be one word, presented in a strange font (see the bottom of this post for an example, which is not today’s clue).
  5. At the end of a work week (Monday-Friday) you’ll have found five clue words. String those words into a sentence and send the five-word sentence to “contest [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com.”
  6. Those who follow the above directions will be given one entry into the contest. Duplicate entries will be discarded, so don’t do it. At the end of each week, we’ll randomize the responses using and announce a winner the following Monday. We’ll do this for three weeks, until all the Nexus 7s are gone!

Still got questions? Watch the video below for a face-to-face rundown of the rules, plus a quick peek at the Nexus 7s that could be yours!

Still got questions? Leave a comment on this post and we’ll try and clear it up. Don’t ask contest questions on Twitter; they’ll go unanswered, even if you tweet them at normally-talkative Michael Fisher. Don’t email the contest inbox with questions; that inbox will only be monitored for properly formatted hints.

Do read the full terms and conditions below. Do go check out our friends at Amzer for all your sweet-mobile-device needs. And do keep an eye out, STARTING TODAY, for posts containing the clues you’re looking for.

Good luck!

Terms and Conditions

  • Contest period begins 15:30 on October 8, 2012 and ends October 29, 2012.
  • Contest open to all human inhabitants of Planet Earth
  • Only one submission per email address
  • Prize is one (1) Nexus 7 8GB tablet, MSRP $199.99, per grand prize winner. Three grand prize winners will be announced. Nexus 7 devices ship from, courtesy of Amzer.
  • Runner-up prize is one (1) ShatterProof protector for winner’s mobile device, if ShatterProof product is available for winner’s mobile device. Three runner-up prize winners will be announced. ShatterProof products subject to availability and are shipped from Amzer.
  • Every entrant (grand-prize and runner-up prizes) must fulfill the Facebook and Twitter requirements mentioned above to qualify.
  • Grand-prize winners (3) will be selected from three weekly random drawings of those who submit the correct five-word sentence. Sentence words will come from “clues” left at end of posts on during the contest period. See bottom of this post for an example. Only one hint will appear per day, and it can appear on any post. We suggest you read all of our posts during the contest period to maximize your chances of seeing the hints.
  • Runner-up prize winners will be selected randomly.
  • Grand-prize clue sentence submissions sent before Friday’s hint is published will be excluded.
  • Weekly contest ends at 11:59:59pm EDT on Friday. Any submissions received after that cut-off will not be considered.
  • Submission of each week’s full five-word sentence should be sent to contest [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com.
  • All valid submissions will be placed into a pool, from which the winner will be chosen at random using
  • Winners will be announced weekly, on Mondays, during the contest period.

Clue Example



UPDATED to include new information about Facebook and Twitter.

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