Nokia Aims At Pulling Another 1984 With Their Colorful Phones Anti-iPhone 5 Ad


Tis the season for competing OEMs to build ads that will try to drive attention away from the iPhone 5. Not that we praise the practice, but it’s just what they do for reasons we find unnecessary when their products don’t need to be compared to be great. Nokia has just followed Samsung’s footsteps in publishing a video ad where they try to prove the iPhone 5 as a stale product because it’s only sold in black or white, where by contrast, you can buy a Lumia 920 or 820 in lots of variable colors.

What’s funny about the ad is that it tries to make Apple look like big brother as many of us have read in George Orwell‘s book 1984. The reason why it has its sense of irony is because this is a strategy that Apple used first precisely on the year 1984, to promote their first Macintosh computer with one of the most famous ads of all time directed by Ridley Scott. Motorola later did the same with the launch of the Motorola Xoom a couple of years ago.

Sadly the approach has never worked in the past. As iconic as all the previous ads were, none of these companies were able to disrupt the market with the ads, since the Mac is still dwarfed by Windows computers, and the Motorola Xoom was a flop since the day it launched.

Many of us still debate whether colors are what competitors need to sell more phones than Apple sells iPhones. Especially because Apple sells more devices regardless of the colors they use to build the product. Nokia may be on to something though, but we’ll just have to wait for Nokia to start selling any of their new Lumias to find out. Sadly, the fact that neither of these products is yet ready to be sold is the other irony of the ad.

To provide some context, we’ve added Nokia’s ad along with Apple’s 1984 commercial and the Motorola Xoom commercial.

Nokia Lumia 920 – Time to #switch

Apple 1984

Motorola – Empower the People

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