Nokia Denying Carrier Badging On Lumia 920, 820?


Unless you’re just a huge proponent of your cellular carrier, you might find it somewhere falling between tacky and annoying that your nice new smartphone has a way of arriving prominently stamped with your carrier’s logo. Sure, some people don’t mind, but then again, some people leave the dealer’s frame around their new car’s license plate. So far, if you’ve wanted a nice, clean smartphone, you’ve largely had to either pick up an unsubsidized international model, or go with something like the iPhone, where Apple’s got enough muscle to keep carriers off its toes. According to some new reports, it sounds like Nokia might be growing some backbone, too, and won’t be allowing carriers to slap their logos all over the Lumia 820 and 920.

Supposedly, the only carrier customizations Nokia will allow are those in software, and the phone’s physical body won’t show any trace of the carrier. So far, we’ve only heard about this move in terms of Italian carriers, but if Nokia’s serious about this, it’s entirely possible we could see the new Lumias arrive unscathed worldwide.

With the retail arrival of the new Lumias just weeks away, it shouldn’t be long before we start seeing leaks of promotional materials from a carrier or two, finally letting us confirm or deny this rumor.

Source: Windows Phone Italy
Via: WMPoweruser

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