Is That an Android in Your Pocket? Overcoming the Android Identity Crisis


Whenever I’m out and about I always hear snippets of conversations that go something like this: “What phone is that?” “It’s an iPhone!” or “It’s a Windows Phone!” When I hear someone with an Android-powered smartphone answer it usually goes something like “It’s a Droid”, “It’s a Samsung Galaxy S III” or “It’s a Motorola Droid Bionic”.

That’s a problem

The conversation that usually follows involves the “askee” going into some level of detail about his or her awesome phone, and why it’s awesome, and why it’s more awesome than some other phone. If we’re lucky, the fact that it’s running Android comes up. By that point, unfortunately, the “asker” has usually glossed over and is too busy playing Where’s My Water? or swiping around the homescreen or apps drawer to hear the “Android” part.

What can we do about it?

In the USA we have a motto: United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Unfortunately many of us don’t live this way, but it’s a nice motto, right?

The theory is that by putting aside our differences and focusing on our similarities we can come together, rallying around commonalities instead of  bickering about our differences. This may be too much to ask regarding political or ethnic issues, but what about smartphones? Can all of us Android users rally around Android and present a unified front? I think so!

Android Users Unite!

We already represent the majority of users at over than 60%. We’ve got over 500 million devices activated to-date, and we are activating tons more every day. However, when you look around, Windows Phone and iPhone seem to be so much more prevalent, and it’s just not the case! To address the misconceptions I offer the following plan to unite as brothers and sisters under the Android banner…

Refer to your device as an “Android”

I know, you might be using a Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, or another device. That doesn’t matter, not under our new banner. One X, One V? Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III? They’re all the same. They’re all Android!

Of course you and I know the differences, and we can revel in them all we want among ourselves, but to the general public, it’s an Android, plain and simple.

Forget the Sweets

Cupcake? Froyo? Jelly Bean? When talking to the average person, don’t worry about what kind of sugar-tooth your device has or what version of the OS it’s running. It’s just “Android”. Again, we’re looking for commonalities and building upon them to strengthen our platform.

Forget the “Overlay”

Your device might be running TouchWiz UI, MotoBlur, Sense UI, Nature UI, or something else. Don’t worry about that. It’s running Android. If someone says “hey, that doesn’t look like so-and-so’s Android” you just need to say something like “yeah, you can change your Android to look like whatever you want, it’s pretty cool that way”.

United We Stand!

To strengthen our numbers and to spread the word I’m putting out this rallying cry to all Android Users: lay down your differences and unite together under the banner of Android!

Are you with me?!

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