Google Slaps Apple’s iOS Maps In Motorola Slide


Apple has decided to go Google-free as much as possible in iOS 6 yanking YouTube (for which Google was quick to react with a dedicated application) and Google Maps. iOS 6 now features Apple’s own mapping solution which is the target of a recent Motorola slide suggesting it will surely make you get lost.

The slap is a well deserved one as Apple’s mapping solution fails in many occasions. We’ve even started talking about a “mapplegate” and the fruit-company is making major damage control promising improvements over time with usage. While we have no doubt that Apple will do everything in its power to improve Maps (and they will succeed) the current iteration inside iOS 6 (and the iPhone 5) is just simply awful (at least in my region, where Google Maps has grown to become accurate and detailed).

Of course, the slide is a Motorola slide but the comparison is applicable, with the same conclusions, in case of any Android-powered smartphone that uses Google Maps. However, since Motorola and Google are now acting as one in many cases, we’re tempted to believe that this might very well be Google’s response.

Many are asking Google for a dedicated Maps application for the iPhone. Whether that’s something Apple would allow in the AppStore is something unknown but if Mountain View wants Apple to hurt they could simply let the iPhone 5 (and its users) with memories of the good old maps; do you think Google should release a Maps applications? Do you think it should be free or paid?

Source: Google+

Via: PhanDroid

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