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Samsung Outs Another Anti-Apple Ad

by Anton D. Nagy on

Samsung continues its ad campaign, or better put, its Anti-Apple crusade, with a new ad which might make you feel like having a deja-vu. “The next big thing is already here” folks! Wait, wasn’t the next big thing already here with the Galaxy S II? Looks like every Samsung product is a “next big thing”, at least to Samsung and its brand followers.

Samsung tried hard to steal the iPhone 5 show recently (and not only that, but also LG’s and HTC’s thunder with yesterday’s press release) with it’s controversial ads so what’s one more to join the flock?

There’s noting out of the ordinary here, just Samsung picking on Apple, even though Apple or the iPhone are not specifically named. The Galaxy S III users are showing off neat features like beaming playlists or sharing videos. Is that something you do often? You probably more often watch a video while sending e-mail.

We’d prefer Samsung burned some money on finally delivering Jelly Bean to the phone almost three months after its release instead of pushing out an ad which will most likely not convert Apple fans to Samsung (though it might help undecided people go “the next big thing” way).

Source: YouTube

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