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iPhone 4S Capable Of Taking Panoramas Too, iOS6 GM Enables It

by Anton D. Nagy on

One of the iPhone 5 improvements that was announced with the occasion of the launch event was the camera which is now featuring dynamic low light mode. The assembly is 25% smaller, picture quality should be better and you will be able to take panorama pictures with a dedicated mode. However, this Panorama mode is not exclusive to the iPhone 5; iPhone 4S users will also be able to enjoy it, as you can tell form the revised iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4 official comparison above.

Even more, the Gold Master release (that’s the closest to the public version to be released on the 19th) of iOS 6 enables this mode inside the camera on the iPhone 4S. As you can see in the screenshot below taken from an iPhone 4S, Panorama mode exists as an option inside the camera settings where usually only the Grid and HDR options would be available on iOS 5 and previous beta builds of iOS 6. Is this one more reason not to upgrade to the iPhone 5 or is it just Apple taking care of iPhone 4S customers?

Source: Apple

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