Will Nokia Eat its Jelly Bean Tweet?


About a week ago Nokia sent a tweet out to the world: “Breakfast in New York on a big day for us! Today we dine on Jellybeans”. Almost immediately two theories about the meaning behind the tweet began to surface.

The first possible meaning was that Nokia was (or would be) working on an Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean device. This meaning was picked up and run with by many Android enthusiasts and various websites. Android users began to get their hopes up, imagining what amazing hardware and designs Nokia could bring to the Android platform. Others began to salivate over the possibility of a PureView camera in an Android smartphone. Hopes were high. Excitement was growing in an entirely different user-base than that which Nokia currently had.

The second possible meaning was that Nokia, with whatever they were going to announce, would “eat Jelly Bean for breakfast”. This figure of speech, rather than welcoming Android users into the fold, could be seen as a war cry. Further polarizing the enthusiast communities.

After the event got started, it was clear that the announcement was for Windows Phone 8 running on the Nokia Lumia 920, not an introduction of an Android phone.

We weren’t surprised.

We’d figured that it was a Windows 8 phone that was being announced. We consulted our Magic 8 Ball, and all signs pointed to it. But we still had to consider the implications of Nokia’s somewhat ambiguous tweet.

Nokia had, perhaps unwittingly, rallied the Android troops. They’d tempted us with the possibility of a new player in the Android arena. They’d piqued our curiosity about what a Nokia-built Android smartphone would look like, feel like, and how much better pictures taken on the phone could be. They made us imagine someone that could upset the somewhat stagnant hardware landscape that exists in today’s Android choices.

Curse you for your sudden but inevitable betrayal

Curse you for your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

Then they took it all away. But they didn’t just leave us disappointed, they galvanized those who had wondered and gotten their hopes up. The message in their announcement was “it’s time to switch”, directed squarely at us. But they’d just insulted us and re-doubled our resolve to the Android platform with their ill-worded tweet.

Was there something more behind it?

Was Nokia just taking a jab at us with their tweet, or did they want to gauge our reaction? Some of us are holding out hope for the latter.

Mr. Burns: Excellent

Release the hounds!

After the various media outlets started picking up the “Is Nokia Prepping an Android?” story and posting articles all across the Internet, I have to assume that someone at Nokia saw all the attention. They either sat back in their large, leather chair, drummed their fingers together and laughed maniacally, or maybe (just maybe) they sat up, looked at all the interest, and started to wonder what could happen if they were looking into Android.

On a different note, I can’t help but wonder, with the new Nokia running a Snapdragon S4, and the fact that Nokia just ticked off the development community, how many developers out there have started shoehorning Android into the Lumia 920?

Source: @Nokia
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