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iPhone 5 Vs The Competition

by Jaime Rivera on

It’s tough to be an iPhone today. As I’ve written before, it made a lot of sense for people to go crazy over anything that started with an “i” and came from Cupertino, but these days the story has changed.

The iPhone 5 is definitely what we’d call a good product. It’s far better than the iPhone 4S of last year, but it’s not a breakthrough product. That said, this is the first time in the product’s history, that it’s no better than its competition. Surely you may argue raw specs side-by-side, but we all know this is subjective since Windows Phone 7 can make any mid-ranged phone perform like a Ferrari.

The only thing the iPhone 5 improved when compared to every other competitor, is in the fact that it’s thinner than every other smartphone on the planet. By comparison, you’ll notice that it’s almost twice as thin as the future Nokia Lumia 920. That in today’s world is a lot, but it’s still just one measurement in comparison to the momentum that other products like the Galaxy S III bring to the market.

To help you decide which your next smartphone should be, I think the best way to give you a hand is to put them together in a comparison chart. Again, this doesn’t at all represent what the iPhone 5 will be in real-world performance, but it’s a start. If you’re still on the ropes trying to decide, we’ll definitely have the device on launch day for review, so I’d wait for it to arrive if I were you. And yes, we’ll compare it to everything we’ve got, which well, is everything there is in the market also.

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