Verizon CEO: Samsung Could Be Successful With Its Own OS


We’ve seen an alleged screenshot from the upcoming Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note II so we can now start waiting for the second iteration Note to land on Big Red but that didn’t stop the carrier’s CEO from making its thoughts public regarding Samsung and its potential, should it ever consider its own OS.

We know Samsung already has Bada but Lowell C. McAdam thinks “there’s a potential elephant in the room with Samsung”, talking about the need for a third ecosystem. With Android and iOS ruling the mobile world, a viable third option could be welcome. Currently there are a couple of platforms who are competing for the third spot, as an alternative, including Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform (and its upcoming Windows Phone 8 iteration). McAdams touched briefly on Windows Phone saying that he definitely likes the fact that “it’s not tied to one piece of hardware”.

The CEO didn’t specifically clarify whether he was referring to Bada or a completely new OS but he said that Samsung is a potential “dark horse” in the wireless industry. There were talks in the past (rumors and reports) regarding Samsung allegedly thinking of reducing its dependency on Google and its Android platform but whether the giant can afford to step out of the game it currently rules is yet unknown.

Samsung declined to comment on the matter.

Do you think that Samsung will fall once it will hypothetically decide to ditch Android? Do you think Windows Phone has what it takes to become the third viable option? Do you think Samsung would be successful with its own OS? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Cnet

Via: TheDroidGuy

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