Lock Screen Widgets on Windows Phone? Sounds Like Android


Back in the day I was a Pocket PC guy. One of the most useful features of that platform was its Today screen. There it listed my contact information (just in case my PDA went on walkabout) , my unread emails, my pending tasks, and my upcoming appointments. I literally had my entire day at a glance.

When I switched over to Android, that was what I missed the most, and I set out to replicate this functionality on my T-Mobile G1 using widgets. After purchasing and trying out several, I finally came up with a solution that worked for me.

Eventually OEMs started putting widgets on the lockscreen! Weather, unread mail, and calendar information all at a glance, without even unlocking the phone — brilliant!

Then I saw a post at Windows Phone Hacker: Lock Screen Widgets on Windows Phone! No, it’s not something from Microsoft, and yes it does require root, but it’s getting close to offering the same type of highly useful information right on your Windows Phone lock screen!

What’s there now? Current weather as well as the forecast, RSS feed capability, and the option to use Bing’s daily wallpaper as your lock screen background.

What’s not there? Unread emails, upcoming appointments, and tasks. But that’s okay. This is a home brew project that’s still under development.

What do you think? Should Microsoft start incorporating lock screen widgets on Windows Phone? Is it worth rooting your smartphone just for the functionality offered in this app? What widgets would you like to see added? Let us know in the comments!

Image credit: Windows Phone Hacker

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