D&AD Windows Phone Design Concept Winners. Who’s Your Favorite?


The “Digital Design” student category in the D&AD’s 2012 design awards this year was sponsored by Windows Phone and students were asked to “Create an ambitious multi-screen experience that enhances the users personal or professional life.” That means designers from around the world submitted design concepts based around Windows Phone 7 in hopes of winning an award and worldwide recognition. Some of these you’ve seen before, but you may not have seen all of them and it’s interesting to see how different students approached the subject. Check out a few of the winners below as well as one extra submission we found and let us know which one is your favorite. If you’re having trouble watching any of the embedded videos in your browser, we’ve also provided links to their source pages.

The first one is from Ariana De Ryss Wiesblott, Jeffrey Qua, Jessica Fan, and Rowan Weismiller who won a “yellow pencil” in the D&AD awards. You can see more from their submission and watch the video here.

Next is the “Windows Butterfly” concept from Ben Darvill, Chris McDermott, and Russell Hepton which also won a yellow pencil and it’s something we’ve seen before.  More about their entry can be found here and you can watch their video below.

Katie Yau, Shima Rezazadeh, Sze Yan (Frankie) Ng, William Wong created a shopping-related concept that combines special glasses that can scan the things you see with a Windows Phone app that lets you search and buy those products. More from their submission can be found here.


Next is a submission from Justin Lim, Kenneth Au-Yeung, Sarah Fung, Stanley Lai, and Yu-Chuan (Felix) Lai. This one doesn’t include a video, but you can see more about their entry here.

Next is Tom Kinnear’s Ucurate concept which seems to use a Windows Phone to control the display of artwork on a wall panel.  More from this submission can be seen here.


Next is a concept by Lennart Basler for an application called “Watson” which is an interface between a Windows Phone and television that also includes a social aspect and helps predict the types of movies and shows that you might want to watch.  Lennart’s D&AD submission can be found here.

A design student named Anastasiya Vasukhina created this video a while back to illustrate her idea for an application that can allow you to interact with you Windows PC using a connected Windows Phone as a remote of sorts.  The video was a submission to the D&AD Student Awards for 2012 and can also be seen on Vimeo.

Source: D&AD Awards 2012

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