Three Android Jelly Bean Quick Tips! (Video)


Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is a very welcome addition to the Android family. In addition to “Project Butter“, JB has a bunch o other improvements, some major, and some that will just help make tasks easier and more intuitive.

Have you ever wanted to get quickly get information about an app, force close it, or clear its cache? In the “olden days” that task took navigating through your settings, managing your apps, and searching for the app in question. It wasn’t hard, but it wasn’t quick. In this video I’ll show you how to do all that with two taps and one drag.

How about uninstalling an app? That’s a pain! You either have to go back to the app store (Amazon, Play Store, etc.), find the app, and tell it you want to remove it, or dive back into your settings again, manage apps, and remove it that way. No, it’s not hard, just time consuming, and the “old way” might require that you have an Internet connection to be able to do so. Hit play and I’ll show you how to remove any app with two taps, one drag, and a couple confirmations.

Have you ever wondered what app is throwing notifications up into your notification shade? With ad providers like Air Play, sometimes that was a difficult task. Now, it’s super easy! With one drag, a long-press, and a tap you’ll know exactly which app is spamming your notifications (and you’ll be able to remove it right there, if you want).

BONUS TIP! What if you don’t want a particular app to throw any notifications? Yup! I’ll show you how to get rid of those by simply un-checking a box.

Hit play, and let’s get started!

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