So How Are You Using Your Nexus 7?


There’s no denying that Google nailed a winner with their first Nexus tablet. It’s revolutionized the market in ways we’re certain that not even their three generations of smartphones have reached after their respective launch dates. The Nexus 7 is by far not only the best Android tablet in the market, but its achievements are also contradicted by an insanely cheap price tag.

With a room full of gadgets, I’ll admit I was on the list of people that didn’t really need to buy one. My disappointing experience with the Motorola Xoom and the fact that I’ve owned all three of the latest and greatest iPad variants just made it illogical for me to dive into another Android tablet. Yet, the fact that it only cost a fraction of what I’d ever spend on any competing device at a similar spec range just made the whole idea hard to resist.

I know this happened to many of you as well, so it would be great if we all shared the main reasons why it fits within our lifestyle. I’ll start with my usage:

Reading books

I wish I could return my Kindle Touch. I’m not saying that it’s a less convenient reading experience, but it’s simply not a device I like to carry around any more since I’m limited to only reading books on it. Surely it’s got an experimental browser, but that’s all it is, an experiment which sucks in my opinion. The Nexus 7 brings the prefect balance between an eReader and a real tablet computer experience where I have a choice between sticking to a book or opening my usage to other things that the device can do.

Playing games

I honestly feel this is the perfect size and weight for a portable game console replacement. I tried to do that with the iPad, and after just a couple of minutes of holding such a large tablet in the air, the experience became both cumbersome and even ridiculous. The Nexus 7 is small, sleek, sturdy and it packs the quad-core Tegra 3 processor that can take any optimized game into the next level.

Games require a lot of processing power, and that also sums-up to additional demand on both the processor and the battery. My biggest complaint with Apple’s new iPad in this department was not how long the battery would last, but how it would heat-up with certain games, and how long it takes to charge that battery again (7 hours). I have experienced some minor heating on the Nexus 7, but I’ve noticed it has more to do with my room temperature than the fact that the processor is being stressed. The fact that I can charge the Nexus 7 in under 3 hours to later continue playing just makes the experience perfect.

Watching movies on the go

Even with all the love that I have for both the iPad and the 10-inch tablet form factor, I did feel that at times it was just too heavy to hold for long periods of time. There are huge differences in color reproduction between the Nexus 7 and the New iPad, but the fact that I can watch a movie anywhere without feeling like if I’m dragging a small television set does help.

The bottom line – It’s just a more convenient tablet

There are certain things that I do everyday that can’t be done on a tablet, but then there are also other things I love to do after my work is done which are not optimal on a laptop. For me, even the option of dragging a MacBook Air along with an iPad on the same backpack was a pain. Both are small and sleek devices, but combined they turn into a brick. Since I love to travel light, it would always become painful to have to choose to carry either. The MacBook Air would usually win since I’d hate to feel the need to work on something and be unprepared.

The Nexus 7 has solved this problem for me. I can now carry both a powerful tablet and a powerful laptop on one bag without remorse. Even if in most cases I rarely remember it’s packed in the bag, I feel that’s the whole idea behind the product. The fact that it’s there when you want it, but it doesn’t add any bulk to the times when you simply don’t have the time to use it.

How do you use yours? Or are you still thinking about purchasing one? Be sure to share your comments or experiences in the down bellow.

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