Will We Ever See Nokia Apps on iOS or Android?


You won’t find many people that will argue with the statement that Nokia makes some really great hardware. What some may not know is that Nokia can also develop some pretty nice software, too! Meego was proof of that, before the project was killed off.

Today Nokia and Microsoft are buddies. An advantage Nokia phones had over other Windows Phones was the inclusion of their own location-based apps, most notably Drive. Nokia Drive is an intelligent GPS-based navigation app with some logic built in to help monitor traffic and dynamically re-route based on conditions.

Sounds familiar, right? Android and iOS devices have Waze and each OS has navigation solutions from their respective backers, but a lot has been said about Nokia Drive and some of its features that are reportedly superior to other solutions on the market.

Not long ago, Nokia announced their decision to make Nokia Drive available to all Windows Phone 8 partners. At first glance this sounds like a great idea, but looking deeper, one has to ask why. Nokia Drive was one feature that differentiated Nokia-built Windows Phones from those made by other manufacturers. Perhaps that was the problem: Microsoft likes uniformity — at least when it comes to software.

With this move — and Nokia’s previous experience with Linux-based environments — Nokia has the potential to offer their location-based apps not only to Windows Phone 8, but to Android as well. If they do that, how long until they’d expand to iOS. Why might they want to do that?

Offering Nokia Drive on other devices provides a chance for Nokia to advertise their brand, something that’s losing popularity in the States. It would be an opportunity to show off what Nokia software can do. The next time a buyer goes to get a phone and sees “Includes Nokia Drive!” featured prominently next to some devices those buyers may be more likely to consider them because they include something familiar.

Nokia got rid of most of their Linux developers when they dropped Meego. That having been said, do you think Nokia could consider releasing their apps on other platforms to help woo potential customers back to the Nokia brand? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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