Jelly Bean on the HTC One X with CyanogenMod 10 (Video)


At last, a preview of the Jelly Bean-based CyanogenMod 10 has been released for the HTC One X! This indeed fixes our number one problem with the One X cited in the review: lag. On the One X with stock software with Sense 4.0, we found lack around every corner, which was surprising for such a high-end phone. Jelly Bean on the One X is super duper fast, whether browsing the web, opening folders, or moving between apps. In fact, we’d say that it’s a pinch faster than the already-fast CyanogenMod 10 port to the Galaxy S III we recently showed you. That said, installing CM 10 on your One X is relatively easy, but will require a couple of extra steps than the normal installation of a third party ROM (if you’ve ever done it). Note that the below instructions are only for the international variant of the One X. However, if you’re running the AT&T One X, there is an alpha CM10 build that you can install on your phone (though at this time, it’s rather buggy).

1. Make sure you are rooted and have installed ClockworkMod Recovery.

2. Download the CM 10 ROM and transfer it to your phone’s storage via USB.

3. Boot into Clockwork Recovery by turning off the phone, then by pressing volume up+down+power until you see the a white screen. Scroll to Recovery, press Power.

4. Backup your current ROM. Then within Clockwork Recovery, wipe cache partition, wipe data/factory reset, and go into Advanced and wipe dalvik cache.

5. Go to Install Zip from SDCard. Navigate until you find the CM10 ROM, and install it. After complete, reboot.

6. The phone will not boot. While it’s trying, press and hold volume down+power to get into the white screen. Connect your phone to computer with USB. This time go into Fastboot.

7. On your PC, extract boot.img from your CM10 ROM zip folder. Make sure you have the Android SDK installed. Put the boot.img file into the /tools file of the Android SDK.

8. Shift+right click in the browser window, hit Open Command Window Here.

9. Type this command: fastboot flash boot boot.img

10. Reboot your phone, and you should be good to go! If you have futher problems, consult the ROM thread, or drop your question below.

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