The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 002


Another week, another round of chatter with Michael Fisher, Brandon Miniman, and Anton D. Nagy on the Pocketnow Weekly. In the news this week, we talk the usual Android, WP7, and iOS happenings, plus a smattering of Meego and a little side-trek into our relationship with you, the listeners/readers.

We’re at two weeks in a row at this point, and with the exception of a few stumbles, a pacing issue or two, and going well over time, we think it came out pretty well. Michael’s levels are a little low on this one; sorry, listeners- that’ll be corrected in recordings going forward.

We’re still hard at work getting our podcast into the Zune channels (Update: link  added below), but we should be live on iTunes and Google Listen should work just fine for listening to our new show. If that’s not what you’re into, though, head down below for the web player and links to directly download the podcast file. Also below, included by popular request, a breakdown of our topics, with links to the accompanying stories on Pocketnow. Be warned: we often stray from the announced topics! Still, we (nearly) always come back to hit the next one, so don’t worry too much when we get into the weeds.

Enjoy, and thanks for listening! Send feedback, questions, and requests to

Pocketnow Weekly Episode 002

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Michael Fisher

Anton D. Nagy

Brandon Miniman

Topic List


AT&T SGS3 Giveaway!

LG Optimus Vu coming to VZW?

Galaxy Note coming to T-Mo

Nexus 7 is a hot-ticket item

This is Ridiculous

Windows Phone:

Nokia Lumia 900 Price down to $49.99


iOS 6 Beta 3 Trickling Out To Developers

New details on the next iPhone. Production started?

Is This The New iPhone?

iPad Mini Dimensions Revealed in New Schematics?


Meego Is Back

Tony’s Crazy Camera Shootout

Pocketnow Debate Minute: 

“1080p displays on phones are/are not overkill.”


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Michael Fisher has followed the world of mobile technology for over ten years as hobbyist, retailer, and reviewer. A lengthy stint as a Sprint Nextel employee and a long-time devotion to webOS have cemented his love for the underdog platforms of the world. In addition to serving as Pocketnow's Reviews Editor, Michael is a stage, screen, and voice actor, as well as co-founder of a profitable YouTube-based business. He lives in Boston, MA.Read more about Michael Fisher!