We’re Giving Away A Galaxy S III! (UPDATED)


Hey, so … we don’t want this AT&T-branded Galaxy S III. Do you?

Just kidding. About the not-wanting-it part; of course we do. We’re not kidding about the giveaway, though! A Pebble Blue, 16GB Samsung Galaxy S III (just like the one we reviewed last week) could be yours by this time next week.

“But how?” you wonder, drooling involuntarily.

First off, this giveaway is possible thanks to the amazing people at Samsung, who we appreciate a great deal. They are how. They’ve provided us with this brand-spanking-new device, and we’re passing it on to one lucky, devoted Galaxy S III fan.

Here’s how you can win. Step one: check out the video below. Step two: see the recap below that.

Update: Step 1.5- ignore what we say in the video about this contest being open to U.S. citizens only. See the linked update video for an explanation. This contest is now open to everyone, worldwide.


So, to spell it all out:

  • Only U.S. citizens are eligible
  • Contest now open to all inhabitants of Planet Earth
  • Only one submission per email address
  • Prize is one (1) Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB Pebble Blue version, AT&T branded, SRP $549.99
  • Winner will be selected from random drawing of those who submit the correct five-word sentence. Sentence words will come from “hints” left at end of posts on Pocketnow.com during the contest period. See bottom of this post for an example. Only one hint will appear per day, and it can appear on any post. We suggest you read all of our posts during the contest period to maximize your chances of seeing the hints.
  • Submissions before Friday’s hint is published will be excluded.
  • Contest ends at 11:59:59pm EST on Friday. Any submissions received after that cut-off will not be considered.
  • Submission of the full five-word sentence should be sent [email protected]
  • All valid submissions will be placed into a pool, from which the winner will be chosen at random.
  • The winner will be announced on Monday, July 23rd, at noon EST.

That’s it for the rules and regulations! Make sure and read every post here at Pocketnow, and be on the lookout for hints (once again, an example sits just below, so you know what you’re looking for).

Good luck, everyone!



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